Okay so you’ve decided private solar ownership is the way to go and now comes the big question. What solar panels and inverter(s) do I want for my home or business? There are many different solar panel manufacturers and inverter manufacturers, but not all are created equal!

Tier 1 Solar Panel Options: LG Corporation


WHY LG? Here’s a few reasons we view LG as #1.

  • Industry Leading Warranty: 25 Year Power Warranty coupled with a 12 Year Workmanship warranty.
  • Bankability: A 30 Billion dollar company, Life’s Good is the definition of a bankable company. All too often, solar manufacturers offer stellar warranties and file for bankruptcy leaving the consumer with a null and void warranty. We trust in LG.
  • Highest Efficiency: Know a higher power 60 cell solar panel? We sure don’t.

With our premium panel offering, clients can choose between the LG 335 Watt panel, and the 320 Watt “Double Black”panel. Both are very sleek looking panels, but we have a slight preference with the appearance of the all black 320 Watt panel. However, most clients go with the 335 Watt because it also looks quite sleek, and produces just under 5% more energy (335/320).

Model 1: LG335N1C-A5

LG Webpage: http://www.lg.com/us/business/solar-panel/all-products/lg-LG335N1C-A5

Model 2: LG320N1K-A5

LG Webpage: http://www.lg.com/us/business/solar-panel/all-products/lg-LG320N1K-A5

LG Solar USA Webpage:



Tier 1 Inverter Options: Enphase Energy or SolarEdge Technologies

WHY Enphase Energy? Here’s a few reasons we view Enphase as a Tier 1 option for converting the DC electricity from a solar panel into household 240 Volt 60 Hz AC electricity.

  • Industry Leading Warranty: 25 Year All Inclusive Warranty on S280 microinverters.
  • Bankability: Enphase Energy is the world’s largest microinverter manufacturer and has distribution networks in the USA, AU, NZ, and soon Europe.
  • Safest installations: The biggest benefit with using Enphase microinverters is converting each solar panel’s DC electricity into AC electricity right under the solar panel. Instead of 480 – 600 Volt DC wiring coming down your house to a central inverter, “branch circuits” of 240 Volt AC electricity is wired down to an Enphase AC Combiner Box.
  • Service one microinverter at a time: By using microinverters, there is not a single inverter left to fail and shut down your solar system. Rather, over the 25 year + life of the system, a few microinverters will need warranty replacing. The solar panel powering the microinverter will not be producing, but all the other panels, even ones in the same branch circuit, will be operating as normal.

Enphase Energy Webpage:




WHY SolarEdge? Here’s a few reasons we view SolarEdge as a Tier 1 inverter option for converting the DC electricity from a solar panel into household 240 Volt 60 Hz AC electricity.

  • Bankability: SolarEdge Technologies is an industry leader in rapid shutdown compliant solar systems.
  • Very safe installations: Similar to a microinverter system, power optimizers in a SolarEdge solar system shut down the electricity from each panel when the disconnect switches are used. This module level shutdown capability is needed for states who have adopted the 2014 National Electric Code.
  • Competitive cost: By only utilizing a single central inverter, SolarEdge installations typically cost less per watt than a microinverter system, thus offering a slightly more attractive financial model, and shorter payback period.

Enphase Energy Webpage: