Alexander DeFreitas



A lifelong resident of Chelmsford, MA, Alex has always been passionate about
our environment, and how we power our planet. After spending a year at UVM in Burlington VT, Alex came home to Chelmsford to finish his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. During his senior year, Alex took multiple graduate level solar energy engineering courses, where he fell in love with the industry.

Currently, Alex works on projects from initial sales, all the way through design and installation. He personally installs every project ensuring proper roof work, unlike a lot of other companies who subcontract out this difficult part of the process.

Electrical Subcontractors

The only work we have to hire a subcontractor for is to work on the electrical wiring. However, we do not take our selection of electricians lightly, and they work hand in hand with Alex and the install crew. Currently, our electrical contractors are listed below.

Emerson Electric LLC

Matthew Emerson



Matt Emerson owns and operates his own electrical service company. He comes out to our installs to work on conduit runs, wire pulls, and mounting all the AC gear.

Board of Advisers

Many entrepreneurs and local professionals have helped grow Alex-Sun and continue to provide business expertise and all types of consulting. Here we show our thanks and throw some support their way. To the future!

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Area Sales Manager – Residential

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Area Sales Manager – Commercial

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