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Q: How long will my installation take?

A: Typical residential installations take 5 – 7 days, although this can be shorter or longer depending on your specific installation. Many homes need to have structural reinforcing, which adds multiple days of work onto the total installation length. We will have an accurate estimate for needing house and/or attic access early in the process.


Q: I’ve read bad reviews of solar companies online and through my community. What steps do you and your team take to ensure a quality installation?

A: Proper roof work, the attachments mostly, is paramount to having a quality solar installation years down the road. Part of the unique experience with choosing Alex-Sun as your solar installer is all of the attachments and roof work is done in house, by Alex and his electrical team personally. Many larger companies subcontract out this work, and the home or business owner can never be too sure of the experience of the installers that given day.


Q: Do solar panels still function in the rain?

A: Yes! Depending on the type of inverter(s), solar systems will produce different amounts of power under low levels of sunlight. One benefit in the Enphase Energy microinverters is being able to “wake up” earlier in the day and “go to sleep” later in the day during low levels of sunlight.


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